6.5 in x 5 in x 2 in
Wood, plastic

Japanese Child's Charm: "Miharu-goma"

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Miharu-goma are horse-shaped folk toys. They owe their origins to a wooden horse which saved the ancient military leader Sakanoue Tamuramaro when he was in a tough battle during his expedition to the east. The toys havelong been loved by local people as "Kosodate-goma" (child caretaking wooden horses). They are one of the three best horse toys in Japan, along with Yahata-goma from Hachinohe and Kinoshita-goma from Sendai. Miharu-goma feature stout bodies. According to the ancient legend, General Tamuramaro was sent to Tohoku to subdue the area in 794 AD. Having engaged in a great battle against the native tribes, the general