9 in x 3.25 in x 9 in
Cotton, rubber

Iranian Traditional Slippers: "Giveh"

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Giveh is a kind of soft, comfortable, durable and handwoven-top shoe common in several parts of Iran especially in rural and mountainous areas of Kermanshah Province. The production centers of Giveh in Kermanshah Province are Paveh, Harsin, Abadeh and Kermanshih. Giveh is made up of two parts: sole and upper. The sole is usually rubber or leather the upper is woven thread. Before the arrival of rubber industry to the area Giveh-makers would use a kind of wild-bull leather to make giveh and the upper was of wool or cotton thread. Most rich people would wear them. With the arrival of rubber industry lower class people use rubber in the sole of their shoes. Giveh is the name of a sort of traditional foot-wear made from strong, coarse cotton cloth in Iran since many centuries ago. The upper cotton is sewn to a leather sole to make one of the coolest, most comfortable, and sturdy traditional shoes that exist in the world. In northwestern, western, and central parts of Iran, people have traditionally worn givehs. When it comes to making these traditional shoes for women, the giveh-makers spend longer time, particularly when they decide to decorate the upper surface with beautiful designs. The upper cloth may be either of cotton or silk, and the quality of the material used for the sole depends on the income and social status of the people for whom givehs are made. The best quality giveh is produced in Kermanshlh and Abadeh.

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