7 in x 3.25 in x 3.25 in

Indian Mortar and Pestle: "Hamam Dasta"

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This is an Indian mortar and pestle called "hamam dasta." A hamam dasta may be made of brass, cast iron, granite, wood or ceramics. In Indian cooking, it is used to muddle herbs such as ginger, garlic, cilantro, and peppermint leaves. It is also used to crush or grind whole dried spices. Throughout the world, a mortar is a bowl-shaped container made of a hard wood, marble, pottery, or stone. The pestle is a bat shaped tool that is used to grind inside the mortar and pulverize grains, herbs, and other food substances as well as medicines. Italian frescoes of the 15th Century show mortars and pestles in use by ancient pharmacists. The "molcajete, or Mexican version of the mortar and pestle, appears in Mexican pre-history.